Recommendations for a way to showcase products without prices, "Request Samples"

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Hi Shopify Communinity, 


I've been trying to figure this out on my own for the past week, so I've decided to now ask you pros. Do you have any recommendations for a way to showcase products without prices, "Request Samples"? My client is resistant to posting prices for full e-commerce for the time being, but I want to build the site in Shopify for our eventual e-commerce launch. I've tried photo galleries, removing the prices with LiquidTheme code, pics with text, and creating individual pages for each product, but I know that can't be the best solution. I'm using the "Debut" theme.


Any advice for a novice? 

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Hi there!


Karl from Shogun Page Builder here, I feel that we may be able to help you out here.


Shogun offers an element called a Product Box which allows you to insert content from your products inside of a page - however, this is a pretty smart element, as it allows you to include the information you want to - so for example, if you would like to leave out the Product Price, that is totally doable.


How to display product data on any page using the Product Box


This requires no modification to your theme to remove the product price from the page.


In terms of removing the price from the product pages, this can be done by using the Custom Layout option that we offer when importing product pages into Shogun. This gives you full control over the design and element placement on your product pages.


What's the difference between an existing and custom product layout?


Shogun is available with a 10-day completely free trial, and we would love if you wanted to give it a try to see if it would be suitable for your project or not. If you decide to uninstall after your trial, you won't lose any of your content - all your live content remains live on your site!


Please do not hesitate to reach out to our amazing support team if you have any questions, click here.


Have a great day! 

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