Rediculous chargeback procedures

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We lost a chargeback claim today for over £1200 !! 

There were a number of reasons we feel agrieved by this decision.

1)The customer was listed as low risk by Shopify cart. 

2) We had to order the product in which took 12 weeks. We thought this would further safeguard chargeback as any defrauded stolen card would show this on two monthly statements provided to them.

3) We shipped with signed for tracking to the cardholders address 

4) We provided full details of communication between ourself and the 'buyer" 

5) There is no appealing this decision

6) We are charged a £10 fee by shopify for this 

7) We have been defrauded and Shopify have been of no assistance. 

8) We were never contacted by the buyers card company

Since this transaction we have added Signifyd to our apps.. however it doesnt help us now

The card companies should have some compassion for us small traders instead of just siding with obviously fruadulant criminals. 

Other traders be aware !!! 



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hello Colin

Thank you for sharing

May I ask which card companies please? We had some issues before with Paypal so have deactivated it but wondering if there is any other companies we need to be aware of

Also does Signifyd help at all

we are quite new on shopify so want to avoid such mistakes

thank you


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Hi @ColinYoi 

What you're experiencing is a practice called "Friendly Fraud' and unfortunately it's becoming increasingly widespread in the ecommerce.

It's called "Friendly Fraud" because it is triggered by customers who received the product or service but perhaps didn't remember ordering it or just don't want to pay for it.

The burden of proof lies on merchants shoulders to prevent fraud. And preventing "normal" fraud with real credit card theft is much harder than detecting this arguable much more nefarious "whoops I didn't mean to order that" fraud.

Even the most sophisticated anti-fraud apps on the market can't detect friendly fraud, because well, the customer's IP address, shipping, billing & credit card information all line up. They are the true customer!

But, if you have high dollar orders and need another piece of evidence to show intent & true identity, I built Real ID. After checkout you can send them a link to capture their ID & optionally a selfie to pair with the ID.

The app with verify the results and store them. So if you receive a chargeback, you have their actual face & ID photo add to evidence and prove without a doubt it was an authorized purchase.

Again sorry you're going through this. It's highly frustrating, especially when there's no repercussion for the bad acting customers in this case.

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