Redirect Cart Update button to collections/all page when someone updates the quantity of the cart

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Using Debut Theme I have added the cart-template to the collections pages.  I have turned off AJAX and have all add to cart buttons redirecting to the collections/all.  However, the only button that loads the /cart page is the Update Cart button.  I do not want to see the cart page since I have the cart displayed on the collections pages.  Is there a way that I can have the update button reload the page it's on (collections/all)?  I basically do not want the cart page to load at all.  Or is there a redirect I can put on the cart page?  Looking for a solution to this madness?

This is what worked for the add to cart buttons: 

<input type="hidden" name="return_to" value="/collections/all" />

Looking for a similar solutions for the update button.