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I just transitioned my site from yahoo to Shopify and all was well until I received a too many redirect error.

My site is


if someone can help with some guidance it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!



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This is an accepted solution.

Hi, @samir13k !


Katy here from Shopify. I hope all is well with you, and welcome to not just the Community but also to Shopify, too!


I have checked your store, and have been able to access it okay from here.




Is this error still showing for you?


It may be a a case that you have exceeded the URL redirect limit - the Shopify limit for URL redirects is 100k. Or the more likely culprit here, is your domain set up. From the sounds of the error, it seems like it may be due to having more than one A Record in your DNS settings. Shopify requires only one A Record which points to our IP address:


I have taken a look, and your subdomain and root domain do appear to be set up okay. Had you made any changes to this recently/ since the move over? It could have been a propagation delay while your domain provider was moving things over to your new site. It might be worth checking in with them on this one, and to also to clear your browser cache


I hope this helps - do feel free to let me know how things go for you, or if you have any questions at all.



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Hi Katy,

I also have "Too many redirection" problem. I have no problem using "GET" command, but when I use "PUT", I have that problem. Please help.

My site is ""

Here is a sample:

"{""order"":{ ""id"": 2482804326485, ""note"": ""It is my test""}}"

Thank you.

Phil Wong



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My website is 

I was setting up a sub domain for my landing page, after buying another domain and tinkering around with the setup process.   I somehow managed to break my website.   I am now experiencing the same problem.  

I truly appreciate your help and I anxiously await a solution


thank you