Redirect our customers to click funnels after they make the purchase

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We would like to redirect our customers to click funnels after they make the purchase. So Instead of going to the thank you page right after the payment page, a customer will be redirected to the sales funnel on click funnels. 
This should happen like this structure:

Checkout(Shopify)--->Clickfunnels upsell 1 ---> and so on( downsell, upsell 2, confirmation page)

Our issue is that we are not sure how to redirect our customers from our Checkout/Purchase page on Shopify to Clickfunnels upsell pages. 


SOS. Could you help us with this concern? 

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Hey there 

You are very limited to what you can do on the Shopify thank you page. I don't think Shopify wants you to write custom scripts for redirecting on the thank you page.

But I think I know what you're trying to achieve, I researched something similar before.. Instead, here's what you should consider.

My strategy for integrating clickfunnels and shopify right now is:

  1. Designing your entire funnel in clickfunnels (original sales page and upsells, etc.) 
  2. Connect/Integrate your Shopify store to Clickfunnels (using the Shopfunnel app)
  3. Watch the sales roll in!

And then fulfill the orders normally inside of Shopify.. app will make orders appear as-if they came from Shopify directly - super nice app!

Download it here 👇

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