Redirecting Outside URLs to new Shopify Store

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I am merging 3 stores into 1 and want to redirect all my traffic from these 3 stores to a brand new store with a new url.

I tried this :

Example of setting up URL redirects during migration

Daniel is migrating his online apparel store to Shopify. His best-selling product is a plaid, button-up shirt. A link to the shirt was shared on a popular blog recently and is generating a lot of traffic, but the link is to his old store. To make sure he doesn't lose potential customers, Daniel sets up a URL redirect for this product page by following these steps:

  1. He logs into his original e-commerce platform and goes to the URL Redirects section.
  2. He clicks Add new URL redirect.
  3. In the Redirect from field he adds the original product page URL:
  4. In the Redirect to field he adds the new Shopify product page URL:
  5. He clicks Add redirect.


But it did not work.

I thought it was because I had the sites sitting on different hosts. 

Now I have their DNS configured to point to the Shopify IP but I am not sure now how to get them to point directly at my new website. Any links to doc on how-tos would be greatly appreciated as I could not find much of anything.

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I also have same question

I have my Shopify store RAAS THE GLOBAL DESI. I want to redirect outside url to my Shopify store 



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Hi @rosandrest and @RAASUSA 

Yes It wont work because the old site is sitting on a different host. There are ways to achieve this, the most feasible as I can see is:

1. keeping your old site live, and add configurations to redirect all of its traffic and urls over to your shopify, for example: ->

you can do this quite easily with a little tech skill to edit .htaccess

2. next, redirect to the exact url on shopify you want

Ex: ->

this can be done inside Shopify > Add new URL redirect like you had tried.


This way is fine with 3 urls but if you are to redirect large number of urls, You should chat with an expert like these guys for professional help. Avoiding all the confusion!


Hope this helps!