Redirection for SEO

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Hi guys I have a question for you.

I have a domain that I'm planning to move to Shopify. But in the mid-time, I want to maintain some URLs in my actual server. So I can move part of my content and not lose the SEO for the URLs that I can't move yet.

I know that I can create a .htacess rule in my actual server to redirect to something like, but I don't want to create a subdomain, so I would like to point to my main domain.


These URLs must point to Shopify. 


But this one must point to my actual server /other-page


This is very important to me because I don't want to lose my ranking.

So the questions are:

- Has Shopify the option to redirect URLs to a different IP?

- Has Shopify the option to redirect the 404 errors to a different IP?