Reduce variants prices with the same price via Discount code

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Hi Shopify Community,

I have a shop with recurring payments for products with different variants and prices.

Now we are rolling out a promo wherein, on the first payment, the customers will just pay a fixed amount of price but the variants has different prices. 

We want to implement this using a Discount code but there is no option to make a product / variant be on a fixed price, but there is only an option to set a fixed discount price.

Example scenario:
variant 1 = $20 AUD, variant 2 = $15 AUD.
On the first payment of the customer, we want them to be able to use a Discount code that will set the price to just $10 AUD from any variants whether they buy the variant 1 or variant 2.

Thank you for your answers in advance.

PS: This shop is not using Shopify plus so, scripts won't do.