Reg facebook commerce integration with Shopify

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I have been trying to launch my facebook channel through shopify since the past 10 days. Each day i connect to FB and shopify support.  Both teams keep saying contact other one. No one has been able to resolve this. Sometimes they bring region eligibility crietaria, which also is not the case. Soimetimes they say we should delink instagram and fb which also didnt help. Its getting frustrating as despite having such a brilliant platform like shopify we are un able to use multi channels to sell. Facebook and instagram are both imperative and critical to grow our business. 

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This is my question, too. I noticed Facebook has the ability to showcase products you sell and send customers directly to your shop once they link on a product. They mentioned that we can sign up, as long as we have a third party platform but not to worry since FB partners with many ecommerce sites. Well when I tried to sign up, I see many platforms using FB but under shopify - I get the message that "Shopify is coming soon". So when is that happening? I was told last year that Shopify and Facebook have a partnership, that when the the new Facebook shop is integrated that Shopify customers would be one of the first to use it. But that doesnt seem to be the case. Does anyone know the answer? Thank you. Vivian



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we can help you with that through our shopify integration solutions

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