Regarding removal of codes after uninstalling apps

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Whenever I install a particular app that app code is directly injected into my theme code and after use of that app i uninstalled the app which ever is not suitable but after unitstalling that app code is not removing from my theme code how to remove that code can anyone give me help on this??

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This is an accepted solution.

For now, all you can do is manually cleaning up the affected liquid templates. Usually, app developers would have a help page with instructions on how to remove the app related code.


Unfortunately, there is no way for an app developer to do a cleanup upon uninstall as once uninstalled the app no longer has access to your store. So that's a technical limitation of Shopify as a platform, rather than dev ignorance.


There is work towards making this a little bit more handy for both the merchant and the app dev through this - - but this is still in dev preview (not live) and is quite limited at the moment of writing this.

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I Had the Hulk App, and I uninstalled it, not knowing that it would leave code behind.

When I uninstalled, they automatically send out an email with instructions on how to remove

the code. And apparently, it's supposed to be done before uninstalling.

I followed the instructions, and was only able to remove one part of the code. It was a little confusing.

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Hi and thanks for the answer. 

Do you know, if there is an update on this issue or possible official documentation?

If you know it will really help us to finally implement the option that will benefit users to remove the app code upon uninstall automatically. 

Thanks in advance.