Remove Collections Page from Search Engine

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Hello everyone,

Our store doesn't have enough collections to justify a Collections Page showing up in the search engine. Shopify's redirects appear to only work on pages that serve a 404, so I cannot redirect Collections to the Shop page either.


Can someone tell me if they've found a way to either hide the Collections from showing up in the search engine results, or to create a redirect on the collections page that immediately redirects anyone who clicks on Collectiosn from search to the shop page?


Thank you! 

screenshot of google search

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Hey @BirdieGolden


It may be useful for you to take a look at the step-by-step Shopify guide to hiding pages from search engines. You can't edit the site's robots.txt file, but this is the next best option for you.


Let me know if you would like further detail.

Shopify Consultant