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Hi, I am dropshipping a product from a supplier that has multiple warehouses. Only certain warehouse locations ship to certain locations. Is there a way I can remove the 'Delivery Location' option from the product variants from the sellers view (Website) and from this any orders that are made, I can select the appropriate supplier warehouse for them without them knowing so to speak. 


I feel this will increase my conversion rate and I see other people selling my product don't have the 'Delivery Location' tab. 

(It was previously 'warehouse location' but I felt it was best to change it to 'delivery location') 

It was also shop any orders that have chosen the wrong location that doesn't actually ship to their address. In this case I have to change it manually. 


Many Thanks, Charlie 


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Hi @Charlie123!


I hope that 2020 is treating you well so far. Karl from Shogun Page Builder here, just wanted to stop by and offer a potential solution to this.


It appears that the shipping location is a variant option of the product itself, which is currently not possible to do, as this would require hiding the rest of the variants of the product - which in this case is not ideal.


Option 1 

You could remove this variant option from the product completely - this would remove the variant selector from the product page.


Option 2

If you are interested in adding code to your page, you can hide this on the page using CSS, the code for this is below. This code will hide the first variant selector on your page.

<style> .product__form--add-to-cart .selector-wrapper:first-of-type { display:none;} </style>

I hope that this helps! 

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Hi, thanks for your reply. If I add this code and hide the delivery location. What will it appear like to me when an order is made? Will I have the ability to decide the location for the customers order before I fulfill it on oberlo?
Thanks very much
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Thanks for getting back to me.

If you add the code to hide the variant selector from the page, when the
visitor adds a product to the cart, then the default variant will be added
to the cart.

If you wanted to change the variant after the item was added to the cart,
or before the order goes through Oberlo, this would be possible - though
I'd check with their support to ensure that this could be changed before
going ahead with this.

I hope this helps!