Remove Log in / register icon & change 'succesfully added item to your cart' text

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Hi all,

I'm using theme Bakeryshop - Shopify Cake Shop, Bakery Theme

I have two questions

Question 1: Where can I remove the Log in & Register icon?

I don't want to show that icon on my desktop, tablet or mobile view).

log in.PNG

Question 2: After adding an item to my cart. I got the following text. Where can I translate this text?

shopify help.PNG

I've checked the following:

* Settings in Shopify - can't find an enable of disable function

* Pages - searched in the code (couldn't find it)

* Translations - also couldn't find it

Does anyone know where I can remove the icon and change the text?


I hope someone can help me


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,