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Ok, so my page has a terrible loading speed due to youtube player. 

these are the scripts:


Unused JavaScripts file "base.js is taking around 600 KiB

www-embed-player.js (youtube again) 100 KiB

www-widgetapi.js ( yt) 50 KiB


Unused css


www-player.css (yt) 60 KiB


videos are placed in the description, i applied lazy loading to the embed code. And i used to have 

"waiting for" on my loading description. but once i used lozad (Thanks for OpenThinking!)

Now it loads my url instead! but on any speed testing tool, shows that these codes should be removed,

are they just there because they came with the video player and were just not used and left aside? idk anything about coding, but im learning.

And i just wanted to know if these are important enough to make my website slower for.

if not, then how would i be able to remove them? especially base.js 600KiB is a bit to much.

thank you.

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Hello There,

Could you kindly DM me so that we can discuss further on it.
And else you can get connected with me on so that I can assist you further in your requiremennt Thanks!

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I have sent you an email, hope you can help me with this, thank you!