Remove associated states from USA and create a new country for those

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Hi everyone

calculated shipping costs by courier or by app doesn't work for:

- American Samoa
- Micronesia
- Guam
- Isole Marshall
- Isole Marianne Settentrionali
- Palau
- Portorico
- Isole Vergini Americane
the reason is that in every courier database those destinations are not a province or a state of USA... but are country them self...
so when shopify ask trough API to courier to check pricing for that USA address, every courier return error because that destination is not in the USA...
all of those countries are called Associated States
and not only USA have associated states...
for example Fær Øer and Greenland are an associated state of Kingdom of Denmark.. but Fær Øer and Greenland are country themself and not a Denmark province/state
Aruba and Curaçao are associated states of Kingdom of the Netherlands... but they are country themself.. and not a province/state of Netherlands
Cook islands is associated state of New Zealand but is a country itself... not a New Zealand province/state
so... Shopify should remove all these destinations American Samoa, Micronesia, Guam, Marshall islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Portorico and US Virgin Islands from United States province/state and set them as Country...
all of these destination have all the credentials to be a country... they have their Flag and their country ISO code
also... if i'm not wrong... Palau, Micronesia and Marshall Islands became independent from USA... so putting them as province/state of USA is shameful and totally disrespectful towards them
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Same thing should be done for Canary Islands...
Shopify should remove "Las Palmas" and "Santa Cruz de Tenerife" from Spain provinces and create a new country to fix VAT % and calculated shipping cost by courier or app
i used many different ecommerce platform... shopify is the only one that did this huge error... 
for the entire world USA are made by 50 states... for Shopify 58.. wrong and weird
i hope shopify will do something