Remove buy now & add to cart on ONE product page

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Hello there !

I'm using the brooklyn theme and i got a customized / made on demand section. 

Im using a classical product page to show the different leather we can use (one variant picture per leather) and then i would like invite people to write an email to us for theses demands.

As we can't sell thats products directly, i'd like to remove the "add to cart" and "buy now" buttons from this specific product page.

does somebody as a clue on how i can do that ?


Thanks a lot for your help !

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This is an accepted solution.

You could do this a couple different ways. 

1. Create a custom product template just for this product by copying the product templates and remove the Add to Cart buttons:


2. Add a tag to the product and wrap the Add To cart buttons with code that checks for this tag:

{% assign productTags = product.tags | join:',' %}

{% if productTags contains 'special-tag' %}
    //Send us an email text
  {% else %}
//Add To Cart buttons
{% endif %}
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Many thanks w3trends, it perfectly works ! :)