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Why has this not been resolved....3 years later ???


Over 3 days, online chat with support. The first over 2 days ago who as yet never got back to me and just now, basically got told we have to test the software because it may have bugs, because its free. Heres the chat log :


23:56 Ed P: Hi there,Ed Mark here from Shopify Support, here to help! How are you today?

23:57 Craig Ralph: Hi.

I contacted you over 2 days ago now regarding a issue with the header picture on my shopify theme, no one has got back to me.

23:57 Craig Ralph: Here is the the chat log :

23:57 Craig Ralph: Kristy F (Shopify)

Feb 19, 09:26 EST

Full chat transcript below. All timestamps in UTC timezone.

13:45 Kristy F: Hey, Kristy here from the Shopify support team. Thanks for reaching out!

13:45 Craig Ralph: Hi There. Can you help me please. How can i stop the hover click effect with the mouse on my "Simple" theme ?
I found this online but it does not work :

"scroll down to the very bottom of this page and then and enter the following code on a new line: img#HeaderLogo {cursor: default;}"

13:45 Craig Ralph: This is for the header picture

13:47 Kristy F: Hi Craig! I can certainly look into this with you, but I will say that coding is beyond my scope as a support agent but I will do the best I can to assist :)

13:47 Craig Ralph: Okay thanks. Its a bit frustrating trying to have this not happen.

13:52 Kristy F: No worries! I'm on your site now, is the problem happening when you hover over a product?

13:52 Craig Ralph: Just the header ive added

13:52 Craig Ralph: its slightly ades like its a clicker

13:53 Craig Ralph: Slightly fades like a clicker i meant :)

13:54 Kristy F: Oh yeah thank you for that clarification I'm seeing that now!

13:54 Craig Ralph: How can we stop this Kristy ?

13:55 Kristy F: Let's see what we can do!

13:59 Kristy F: I'm just reaching out to our theme support team to see if they have some more insight on this one

14:00 Craig Ralph: Okay..perfect :)

14:18 Kristy F: Hey Craig! I've heard back from Theme Support and they have let me know that they can do this customization for you using some of your design time! You have 60 minutes remaining. Would you like me to send this request up? :)

14:21 Kristy F: Are you still with me?

14:21 Craig Ralph: Hi

14:21 Craig Ralph: What is 60 Minutes remaining ?

14:22 Kristy F: Every Shopify merchant who is using a Shopify Free theme gets 60 minutes of complimentary design time for using our theme

14:22 Kristy F: this covers customization requests for the theme that our support team can make


23:58 Craig Ralph: Im sure this is a simple code fix, no one has even bothered to send a email to say they are looking at this and that it has been escalated to them ?

23:59 Ed P: Hi Craig!

23:59 Ed P: I am sorry for the inconvenience if there was no update about this matter, I will be more than happy to look into this request that was previously made

23:59 Ed P: and see the status of it

00:00 Craig Ralph: I am going to be cancelling my store and looking for another e commerce, this has rearly annoyed me.

00:00 Craig Ralph: this is not good service from yourselves.

00:01 Craig Ralph: you supply a theme with a code issue and only give me 60 minutes ? then no one gets back to me over 48 hours ?

00:02 Ed P: That would be the last thing that I want to hear from our merchant's though I just want to inform you that the turn around time for these types of customizations is 3-5 days as it depends on the volume of request that our team is handling as all merchants are given 60 minutes of free design time

00:02 Ed P: I know that it may just be a simple coding but that will still depend on the volume of the requests

00:02 Craig Ralph: well im not going to be a merchant.

00:04 Ed P: I understand whatever decision that you will have though what I can do here is to do a follow up and tell them that you've contacted again today and tell them how urgent your request.

00:05 Craig Ralph: i was looking forward to starting my store but i guess i will have to put plans on hold a little longer and look for another company. Some thing little like this makes a website look un professional. The same effort should be put into after support as it is into advertising the package of buying a e commerce store from yourselves.

00:07 Craig Ralph: As you can understand i will not wait too longer or be expected to pay anything regarding this fix as its a free theme you give or should i say, can choose for free. i will wait until monday then finances my end will be cancelled on Monday.

00:07 Ed P: this is the main reason why stores can have a password page while the work is still in progress on the back end , we actually put the same efforts on assisting merchants even after they chose a Plan but again , these requests will be on queue and theres a turn a round time for every customization requests as this is just a privilege that was added on every plans in Shopify

00:10 Craig Ralph: the themes though shouldn't be, are these then have bugs ? are they not tested ? no where does it say they are still in Beta phase ?

00:11 Ed P: It wasn't a bug , that's a feature that is on the theme that you are using

00:12 Craig Ralph: when you add a header picture (im on simple theme) it acts as though its a clicker

00:13 Craig Ralph: This was a fix posted by your support :

00:13 Craig Ralph: "scroll down to the very bottom of this page and then and enter the following code on a new line: img#HeaderLogo {cursor: default;}" 1

00:13 Craig Ralph: So they knew about it

00:13 Craig Ralph: this was on your website (Forum)

00:13 Ed P: the information that you were probably reading was from the forum

00:14 Ed P: where developers discuss some customizations that they can still do with the Free themes

00:14 Craig Ralph: and where has this progressed since then ? from this particular inquiry from this person ?

00:15 Craig Ralph: this was a person asking about the same issue as me

00:16 Ed P: this something that are devs might be looking at right now to see how the weight of the feature affects the entirety of the merchants

00:16 Craig Ralph: Your support didnt even reply back to them , take a look :

00:16 Craig Ralph:

00:16 Ed P: but since this is something that is on the free theme , we have given merchants the 60 minutes free design time

00:16 Craig Ralph:

Remove the mouse hover from Logo

00:17 Craig Ralph: that was the title on the forum on your website

00:17 Ed P: I get that , but we Guru doesn't respond to forum inquiries , different developers posts questions and answers in the forums

00:17 Craig Ralph: That was back in 2017....3 years ago ? !!!!

00:18 Craig Ralph: 3 years ago !

00:18 Ed P: it might be from 2017 and I don't think that the work around given there is still working not the issue is still persistent

00:19 Craig Ralph: the issue is still there, why else am i talking to you ?

00:19 Ed P: we've given you the solution by having it escalated as a request to our theme support to have your request done on your store

00:19 Craig Ralph: when will it be done

00:19 Craig Ralph: ?

00:19 Craig Ralph: can you give me a deadline please

00:19 Ed P: an all you have to do is wait for our support theme to respond to you as soon as it's completed and that's the very reason why I told you that I will follow up with them

00:20 Craig Ralph: im only going by the unanswered question from 3 years if you can understand the un easiness of my questions

00:22 Craig Ralph: Well, ive heard nothing over 2 days now, at least a quick email from programmers etc. i will give until Monday, thats over 4 days by then.

00:22 Ed P: I understand how you feel about this especially that you were reading an old article but the only solution here is by having this escalated

00:23 Craig Ralph: Old article indeed, same problem still the issue is still there and outstanding and not been it being in 2017 only makes yourselves look bad...

00:24 Ed P: You are actually right on this matter and I just want to thank you as well for bringing this up

00:24 Craig Ralph: i can only imagine the support ticket for this issue on yourside must make a interesting read, thats if one was ever done.

00:25 Ed P: what I will do is to have our devs look into that option too as it will look as an unresolved issue since there is this article

00:26 Craig Ralph: I actually support over 27 NHS trusts around the UK so 2nd and 3rd line support is my career. I work ERP for support and on and of site. I know how important customer care is. Im not asking alot here. just a glitch on your theme so it can look professional, but your letting yourselves down here.

00:28 Craig Ralph: I will wait until Monday. I need yourselves to liaise with me and update me on the issue. Its not good to just not bothering replying to customers, thats bad.

00:28 Ed P: I will go ahead and relay this feedback of yours to our devs but as of right now , escalating the issue like what the previous Guru did is the best option and we don't really treat it as a glitch on the theme as it is a feature that was on this free theme .

00:30 Craig Ralph: Okay, so free themes come with glitches, or possibly. Can you show me please where you state this on your site ?

00:31 Craig Ralph: Guru (/ˈɡuːruː/, UK also /ˈɡʊruː, ˈɡʊər-/; Sanskrit: गुरु, IAST: guru) is a Sanskrit term for a "teacher, guide, expert, or master" of certain knowledge or field

00:31 Ed P: what do you mean ? are you looking for something that will show that this theme has this feature ? that's something that we do not have on our end for these free themes as these themes can be installed and tried on every Shopify store before merchants decides whether they will use it or not

00:31 Craig Ralph: Surely was not a GURU

00:32 Ed P: are we still discussing about how to I can do a follow up on the request that you have?

00:32 Craig Ralph: Are you saying i have to software test then to review for bugs, issues ?

00:32 Ed P: nope .

00:33 Ed P: like what I have said , these FREE themes has different features and it is for you to decide whether you use it as you have the option on getting a Paid theme or using a different FREE theme

00:34 Craig Ralph: Back to the first part then. As i said to the lady over 2 days ago, i need them to review and fix this. I will wait until monday, and i they can email me please.

00:35 Ed P: I am sorry that you were not informed that it takes 3-5 days for the request to be completed and for someone to get back with you

00:35 Craig Ralph: Can you confirm they can do at least this ?

00:35 Ed P: I am pretty sure that they can

00:35 Ed P: so we are only talking about the time frame when it's going to be completed

00:35 Craig Ralph: i will go else where

00:36 Craig Ralph: this is not good support.

00:36 Craig Ralph: sorry

00:36 Ed P: I am sorry if that's your impression and I apologize if you were not informed but these requests takes 3-5 days to complete as we treat all account owners equally the same

00:37 Craig Ralph: by monday it will be just over 4

00:37 Ed P: so we need to follow the turn around time for these requests

00:38 Ed P: I am pretty sure that it will be completed before the given time frame ends

00:38 Craig Ralph: Can you email me this chat please.

00:38 Ed P: sure !

00:39 Ed P: I will send you a transcript of this chat after this session

00:39 Craig Ralph: where is the support based ?

00:39 Ed P: in the Philippines

00:39 Craig Ralph: and you are based in ?

00:40 Ed P: in the Philippines too , though I don't think that the location of the support really matters as we just follow the same process :)

00:41 Craig Ralph: and the company headquarters is where ?

00:41 Ed P: It's in Canada

00:41 Craig Ralph: and have you their contact details please

00:41 Ed P: We don't provide that information

00:43 Craig Ralph: I am contacting them now.

00:43 Craig Ralph: Address

150 Elgin Street, 8th Floor

Ottawa, ON, Canada K2P 1L4

00:43 Ed P: Alright !

00:44 Ed P: you are free to raise whatever feed back or concern that you have and we are more than happy to take a look at them

00:47 Ed P: are you still there?

00:47 Craig Ralph: I will wait until Monday for resolve on free theme issue. No specific details are mentioned anywhere of possible bugs, issues etc on the free themes and also it is up to the customer to try this out over a free 14 day trial, so basically you are issue testing the software.

00:48 Ed P: sure , I have already sent. follow up to our support theme

00:48 Craig Ralph: Im contacting the head office directly. If you can email me please this chat and also if i can have some communication leading up to monday in regards to the issue being resolved / fixed.

00:48 Craig Ralph: Thanks.

00:49 Ed P: Sure ! I will be more than happy to send this for you

00:49 Craig Ralph: Glad to hear.

00:50 Ed P: Have a good night!


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3 years later and this is still not fixed. Not being funny but that support ticket is going to be one hell of an explanation if there was one done in the first place ?