Removing Customer From Messenger Updates

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Hi guys,

I recently had a customer place an order and opt to receive Facebook Messenger updates, but they wrote me and said that they are going to their husband's Facebook account and they would like it disabled. Is it possible to remove a specific customer from the messenger updates after they have selected to receive them?


Thanks for the help!

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From what I understand (I stopped using the whole messenger thing fairly on as it was driving me nuts) it's the customer who has to turn it off themselves by going to the Order Status for any order they've placed.

It's all a bit of a mess when it comes to shared computers with more than one person who has used Facebook. Not to mention the customers who want to engage in totally unrelated chats over it all the time...

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Hi, Vanessa!

I'm Aaron, a guru here at Shopify!

That's no problem at all, it happens!  You can turn off those notifications from the order status page - follow the guide at and you're all set!

Hope that's helped!


Aaron | Shopify Guru

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Hello, I cannot see an option to turn off customer notifications. It just has my profile (I am logged into FB) and asking me if I want t0 receive messenger notifications. There is no button to turn off customer notifications