Removing abusive scam retailers from your service.

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I have now been ripped off by 5 companies using your Shopify service.  The latest is "Indestructable Shoes".  They are a perfect example of what is going on.  This company pretends to be US/Canada based with warehouses in both countries.  Great I ordered two pairs and insoles.  As soon as they had my money,  they flip and say no stock in NA your product is coming from China.  6 weeks in I received 1 pair of shoes.  I am still waiting on the rest of my order.  The shoes are too narrow so I asked for a return slip.  I was told I had to ship them back to China! at my cost.  What about the USA/CA warehouses?  They dont exist.   I will never see the remainder of my order.

Shopify, you are enabling this abuse by companies.  Credit Card providers are as well.  We are your clients.  Without us you have no business.  You cannot wash your hands of this.  I am very close to filing in Canadian Small Claims Court to establish your partial liability in this fraudulent business behaviour.  You need to create a consumer abuse department, vet your business clients, and get the fraudulent users out of your system.

Very Pissed and out $500+ 



You are now Canada's #1 valued company.  More valuable than the RBC!