Removing fraudulent customer account from admin area is not log him out from site?

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Why when removing customer account is not loging him out from site?

He can still visit pages and place fraud orders(using express checkout buttons).

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Hey, @Bulxar!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

Dealing with fraudulent orders can be extremely frustrating and I'm glad you're looking into ways to prevent them from happening. It's good to hear that you've disabled this customer's account as a first step. 

However, even if you disable a customer account, they'll still be able to access your website and browse your products. They'll also still be able to make a purchase unless customer accounts are required to checkout. If you head over to Settings > Checkout > Customer accounts, do you see the Accounts are required option selected? If not, then this would indicate why they're still able to complete the purchase. 

In this case, you can choose to require customer accounts for checkouts, but this won't prevent the same customer from checking out using a different email address.

If you want to completely block this customer, then I suggest blocking their IP address using an app. There are a few popular apps specifically designed to prevent fraudulent orders by blocking visitors based on their IP address or location. Some options I suggest looking into include: 

With these apps, you'll be able to view the IP addresses of all customers who are accessing your store. This will allow you to find out the fraudulent customers' IP address the next time they try to place an order. You'll then be able to "block" them, restricting access to your website entirely and eliminating any chance that they'll return and place another fraudulent order. It sounds like an app like this will definitely solve your problem with this particular customer.

I also wanted to share some information that we have on fraud prevention. This help doc provides a few tips on how to prevent fraud on your online store, along with some advice on what to do if you believe a fraudulent order was placed. While it sounds like you have a good handle on taking care of these instances, there might be some information in there that you'll find valuable.

I hope this helps and I'm curious to know if you end up using any of these apps. Feel free to respond here and let me know! 

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @Bulxar ,

Unfortunately Shopify doesn't give you the ability to control customer access to your storefront. But like @Julie mentioned my app Blockade is an option if you want to block them by IP or possible VPN usage.

If you're having trouble determining if an order is fraudulent or not, and it's an above average price - my other app Real ID lets you securely and instantly verify your customer's actual identity. That way you can ship with confidence that the customer's credit card is their own.

Happy to answer any questions about security & detecting and preventing fraud.


Founder of Verdict - Anti-Fraud Apps for Shopify
  • Blockade - Easily block countries, IP addresses, VPNs
  • Real ID - Verify your customer's real IDs easily & securely