Removing shipping information from PayPal form on digital products

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Hello, everyone. I subscribed to Shopify a few days ago and I have been setting up my online store in which I sell only digital products. I am actually very happy with all the features and the intuitive interface, but when I finally got to the step of testing the full payment flow, I realized that the PayPal form requests shipping information even if my product is marked as non physical. I have had the experience of buying digital products for which this is the case, and I can assert that this is something very confusing even for someone who is tech savvy, and it can be a deal breaker for the customer (who may indeed be expecting something digital to be sent to their email immediately). In addition, PayPal puts my funds on hold until I mark the order as shipped, which is fairly troublesome. I was wondering if there is some way to have Shopify remove the shipping information for non physical products going through the PayPal checkout. Since I find this feature quite important, I will have to find another online store provider if a solution cannot be found, which is a shame since configuring mostly everything else has been a smooth, pleasing experience and the platform seems to be very friendly and easy to use. Unfortunately, using another payment processor will probably not be an option, so I am stuck with this problem for the moment.


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