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I would like to remove the "" part from the domain name and just have it end with ".com" 

I went to the domain section and added the primary domain name. It then told me to login to my domain provider account and then set my CNAME. It also mentiones someting about SSL certificate will be requested once my doamin is complete.

p.s I did look at the sticky notes in the forums regarding the SSL Certificate, but not sure what to do from this point. 


Thank you!

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Hi Samuel!

Diana here from the Shopify Support Team.

It sounds like you're well on your way to getting the domains sorted. I suggest you read through our documentation on setting up your domain to familiarize yourself with what is required to get it to work, but here's a short-and-sweet version:

  1. Add the existing root domain ( and any subdomains (,, etc.) into the Shopify Admin. You do that by going to Online Store > Domains, and clicking 'Add existing domain' in the upper-right corner.
  2. You then have to actually tell the domains where to point by adjusting the domain's DNS settings. This is something that needs to be done outside of Shopify, so if you bought your domain through GoDaddy, you'd need to login to GoDaddy to make the DNS adjustments. This seems to be the point you're stuck on, so I've got some instructions for some popular domain providers right here.
    1. The root domain ( needs to have an A Record point to, Shopify's IP address.
    2. Subdomains ( need to have the CNAME Record point to your web address.
  3. Wait until the domain system registers the changes you've made; domains are notoriously slow to refresh, so it can take 24 hours to start redirecting properly.
  4. To finally get rid of the '' part, just set your primary domain to be one of your custom domains you've just configured; this is done in Online Store > Domains of the Shopify Admin.
  5. Once your domain is pointing correctly, you should be able to activate SSL certifications for your storefront so your customers know your site is secure!

Hopefully this helps clarify what you need to do! :)

Diana | Shopify Guru ~ Contact Shopify 24/7 at!