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I have over close to 2000 items and I know some of them have never even sold 1, I'm trying to find a report that lists the items that have never sold, as opposed to the report I can see, which list's which items have sold the most in numberical order (and it stops at 1, not listing the ones that have sold 0).  Is there a way to get a report listing all 0-sold items?


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Hello there,

I’m Freya, here with the Shopify Support Team!

You have a couple different options here! If you're on the Shopify Plan, you have access to the professional sales reports. I would recommend taking a look at the Sales by product report for that information to see what your low-performing products, both by number of sales and total sale value. You can also learn more about the sales reports on

If you're on the Basic Shopify plan (and want to keep it that way!), you can always use an app like DeepMine to add that functionality in!

Let us know how else we can help! Cheers :)

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Unfortunately the 'Sales By Product' report and 'Sales by product variant SKU' won't help you here because, as you have discovered, it will only show you variants that had at least 1 sale (you may still see a net quantity of 0 if you had a single sale for a variant and then refunded that same item).

The Better Reports app has a built-in report called 'Inventory' that can help.

There is a column called 'Quantity sold' which indicates, as you may have guessed, the total quantity sold for that variant.

To find out variants that have never sold, you can either sort by that column by clicking the 'Quantity sold' column header, or you can add a filter 'Quantity sold = 0'.

Here is a quick video showing how it works:

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Freya, as Clement mentioned, even the "Sales by Product" report which you recommend doesn't show items with zero sales. 

This is a critical piece of information for running an optimized business. We need to be able to show our clients the products they are interested in, and not show them the ones that they aren't interested in. 

I feel that this is the most basic reporting and therefor should not require me to pay for an outside application.

What is the best way for me to discuss this with someone at Shopify? 


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Every time I run into a problem with Shopify... like this one... I search for it on here and find someone already had the problem.. a long time ago... and that there has not been a fix or the thread goes dead.

How (without paying extra!) do I see a list of my variants which have not sold?

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The solution is REPORT PUNDIT APP.

They have a "never sold products" report. it works.


Shopify doesn't care.