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Hi all,

I run a mens' clothes botique using both Shopify and Shopify POS.

Im into about the third month of operation and I had a few questions about reporting.

Firstly is there a way of seperating the shipping cost from appearing in the online sales reports ? The figure includes shipping and is not an accuarte way of reccording sales.

Profit and Loss. Is there a way of including the cost price of products so that i can calucate profit and loss figures based on my sales ?

Shopify is good at keeping track of inventory in terms of product numbers. However how do I get a report of the actual monetary value of stock that I have ? 

Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. If you could point me to any apps, forums or other things that would help that would be great.



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, Chris!

Patrick, a Shopify Guru here :). 

If you're looking at the sales by month report, next to the Total at the top of the report you should be able "define". If you click on that you'll be able to adjust what is included in the total. :)

As for the total cost of good, at the moment to this info you would need to use an app like Profiteer.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi Chris,

The Prosperous Shop are launching our app this spring.

We solve the cost price issue for you and much more.

We allow you to input your cost price against all of your product. We then generate weekly reports to your inbox that show the health status of your business, which categories and lines are generating the bulk of the profit for you, and what actions you should take to maximise your profits going forward.

It's a great product and our team bring decades of the best retail expertise to you. 

Our Beta is free so whynot sign up for your free long-term beta  account!

Just click on our website under the logo on the left and fill in the contact form.

We hope that we can serve your needs and make your life easier.


Kind regards,



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Hi Chris,

Not sure if you are still looking for a solution. I want to suggest Data Export.

Data Export is a reporting automation tool to report sales, inventory, refunds, tax, billing, fulfillment and many more custom reports.

1) Data Export can separte shipping cost from the sales report.

2) We can report cost and calculate profit and loss of the business.

3) Monetary value of inventory can also be calculated.

Let me know your questions related to reporting.


Data Export is rated by Shopify Sellers as the best and cost-effective reporting application on Shopify.
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Hello @Chris_Low,

I'm from Report Pundit, a custom reporting and analytics app.

Report Pundit can separate the shipping cost from the sales report.  We have a live chat support team, who can build custom reports as well.

We also have a pre-created COGS report - this report will show the product title, unit sold, net sales, product cost, gross profit margin, and other fields. The report can be filtered or sorted to drill down into the data.

You can also get to know the current inventory value on the variant level, the report will contain inventory value, price, product cost, inventory cost, and other fields.

Please contact us at or on live chat support.


Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards