Reporting fraudulent activity of a vendor

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I want to report a fraudulent/scam by a shopify vendor. I recently purchased a product from Mr Camille they advertised a doll as a reborn doll that was life like according to the advertisement the doll looked like a real baby. On receiving the doll it was no bigger then a pair of sunglasses it was cheap and nasty. It looked like something you buy from the $2.00 shop. I paid $60.00 AUD for the doll. I contacted Mr Camille in regards to my complaint and requested a refund. They apologised in the email and suggested I just give the doll to someone else. They also suggested a discount on my next purchase as an alternative or they would give me a $3.00 refunded they requested photos of the doll I received and I sent a number of photos to them. I was not satisfied with there pitiful suggestions and sent another email stating the same and requesting a $60.00 dollar refund to which they responded with a very similar response this time offering a $5.00 dollar refund as they had to pay their supplier and would be out of pocket. The emails continued back and forth they eventually offered a $8.00 refund I have refused that offer as I want my full refund. I have read their refund policy and I am entitled to a full refund. Mr Camille is not honouring their refund policy. I would not ever buy from this vendor again. It's vendors like this that get other vendors and platforms like shopify a bad reputation. I am still pursing this matter and taking every step available to me to get my money back. 

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