Reporting on product sets

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My business is a profit share with another company. For some products, they receive 50% of the sales, for others only 20%. To calculate what profit share I need to pay to the business partner I need to generate a report each month which outlines the sales for each product set (i.e. the 50% products and the 20% products).


How can I use Shopify's product management and report functions (I am on the basic plan) to create a sales report for these different product sets each month? OR, if Shopify can't do it, what apps could I use?

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My name is Alison, and I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar apps. The Professional plan for our Email Reports app allows you to create customized email reports.


If you are interested, you can install the app (the started version is fine until we get the details worked out) and email us at to let us know.  Our Developers would work with you to customize the reports as you like, and there would be no charge until you are satisfied with the format of the report.