Requiring a customer to provide additional information when ordering certain products?

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We sell some products that need additional verification prior to fulfilling the order.  Is there a way to add a required text field for the customer to enter their certification info when adding a product to their cart or at checkout for those items?


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You can add custom cart attributes:

A JavaScript script can validate those inputs on a specified logic you set. Based on the data validation you can enable/disable the checkout button.

However this is not bullet-proof, is a front end solution that can be bypassed by a savvy user, but it can do a basic job.

Probably an APP can do a more reliable job. tips, tricks & Shopify sections
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Hi there!

Phil from the Shopify Support team here. 

This actually is possible and there are a few different ways you can do it. You can install a free app like Infinite Options which gives you the ability as for additional information on the product itself and it's recorded with the purchase. It also gives you the ability to have customers upload files for certification if you need that. It also lets you set the field to optional or required. 

Option two, dependant on your theme, some will allow you to ask for additonal information in your Shoppinf cart. We've actually got a tutorial on this below:

I'd suggest going with infinite options as it's more direct and is associated to the product directly and not the entire order. 

Hope this helps!

- Phil