Resellers Permit - Do I Need It?

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Hey guys!

I run a second-hand/vintage clothing business wherein I resell brand-name vintage clothing. I was told that I require a resellers permit, otherwise I'll be unable to use the Shopify Payment Gateway. I just wanted to clarify if this is actually needed by other people here. I am reselling clothing that has been purchased before from their appropriate retail stores at full price, am I not able to do whatever I want with it?

That being said, I talked to my licensing office and they told me that I'm not even eligible for a resellers license, I would only need one if I have a physical storefront, not if I operate from a warehouse or any other storage units.

To top it all off, every single business in my industry that operates on Shopify can use the Shopify Payment Gateway, and when I asked the owners of those stores they told me that they hadn't received anything from Shopify regarding needing a resellers permit

I'm unsure of where I can purchase a resellers license, and honestly, I think this is a big mistake on Shopify's side. I'm not sure if they just want me to give them my registration and/or tax number or they actually need a resellers license (which wouldn't make sense)

Looking to see what you guys think or if you guys have any advice! Thanks in advance!