Responding to earlier questions

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I responded to Edward Goomba on an earlier message but never received a reply.  As discussed with Edward, we are a wholesaler and would like our customers to use Shopify to place orders.  All shipping, accounting and inventory is handled inhouse.  I am including the my reply, hoping that someone else can provide an answer.

Edward Goomba question:

When you say you want to use the shopping cart to create the customers order and you will input the order into your inhouse accounting application - what exactly does that look like?

Are customers still paying through Shopify?

Our response:

  • Customers add items to the shopping cart, on our end we will view the cart and fulfill the order from our inhouse accounting application
  • Is there a way for customers to save their cart?
  • Inventory will not be tracked on Shopify
  • Customers will not pay through Shopify 

We noticed an ad for Handshake on the Shopify site, would this beneficial to us?  Can we have a representative contact us with more information?