Restricting overseas sales of SOME items

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Hello there,

I run a fabric store in the UK.

At present we sell cushion covers and fabric by the metre to UK address.

We're looking to roll out overseas shipping.

For some countries I want to be able to sell the cushion covers (which we can send by normal post) but restrict sales of fabric by the metre (which we have to send by courier).

I wondered if my thinking here is correct...

For an associated store (which does ship overseas) we work out shipping based on weight (though customers think it's based on price).

I was thinking that if I gave cushion covers a weight of, say, 0.01 kg, but give the fabric a weight of, say, 1kg I could set up price option for Country A on the basis of if weight = 0.00 > 0.99 charge, say, $10 shipping. But with no shipping bracket above that.

Would that prevent the person from Country A ordering the fabric by the metre?

Thank you in advance!