Retail Store: Hide product price for google search result.

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I have a retail store called I have locked all the prices for user with this condition

{% if customer %} 
 {% endif %}

Means user can only see the price when they are logged in. I have not used any other plugin for SEO. All are default shopify things. 


The problem I am facing now is, when someone search by product name or category, my product price are shown to google search result. Is there any way I can make it so the price section is always hidden from google search result?

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I picked a random product on your shop and viewed the source using the browsers debug tools.


I searched for "price" and found the price in the code so you're not masking it everywhere. Also keep in mind that the price can always be seen by looking at the ajax endpoints (add .js to the product url). Keep that in mind depending on how private your prices need to be.


As for what Google shows now, it is showing prices in results now? I'd assume that it still has the index values from before you added the code. That sound about right?

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Hi dear, Yes you can Hide product price for a google search result, Shopify hide price app offer that enables you to display product prices and add to cart function for specific customer tags and products. The owner can replace price with multiple options like add to cart, contact us, call for a price, etc. if the user needs a product price he/she can contact auto-response generate to reply to their enquiry.99b567d7538ae0925e3c78480380c000