Revive direct email support

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I am not a fan of the July 2019 change requiring us to authenticate before contacting you. Here are my reasons for why I think you should reverse this decision. 


Most companies have a support@ email. It's where customers expect to get help -- especially from technical staff. I spent 36 years in the custom software industry. 


As an ecommerce store owner, I have dozens of support departments that I am regularly communicating with. It is almost impossible for me to remember, from week to week, who makes me use a DIFFERENT process. When I inevitably forget and get the automated response below, I am reminded that I just wasted more time on top of actually having a problem to solve.


Such a change smacks of ivory tower thinking. "We're so big now that customers have to do what we want, so let's make our lives slightly easier."


All major help desk systems have an email-to-ticket creation module in them now. I see them every day from companies that value my time and ease of use. Your new ticketing system requires only ONE fact that is not supplied in a typical email -- my shop name. This should be easily found from my email address.


I really hope you reverse this decision. I also hope that this kind of thinking does not pervade the organization as it scales... making things more difficult for customers. 


Michael Wilkes