Rewards/VIP system recommendations? (Alternative to Marsello)

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Currently been using Marsello with Shopify for a few weeks, however I constantly seem to be coming up against bugs or things which dont just work as they should.

I then end up spending time with our customers talking them through this and coming up with a work around, or back and forward with Marsello support for a few days (their support team is based over 12 hours ahead of our TZ, so getting a fix can take several days to and fro).


I need the system to integrate with Shopify POS, and I prefer a system with VIP tiers. What bug-free options exist out there? If any?



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Hi @Dirky, I'm Neomi from app,


We are a gift card & loyalty store credit app.

We are fully integrated with Shopify POS and your customers can buy at your physical store or your online one and the prosses will be the same - they will get store credit dependence on the triggers you will choose.


One of our automated workflows is a tire based workflow where you reward better customers with better rewards!

you can read about our loyalty integration with POS here


checkout our listing page and feel free to contact me at