Run ad campaigns on google, FB for hundreds of $, no sales, please advice

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I've seen similar questions on this forum but would rather start a new line of discussion on my site specifically ( I spent lots of time building the site, stocking the products, preparing the shipping, etc. and finally launching the site. I was so excited to think that I would get some income now. After spending hundreds of dollars on Google AdWords and FB, no single order. I'm so disappointed with this result.

Please help me by giving me any advice. Actually, I think I know a lot about digital marketing and was an expert on this. We use lots of SEM and display ads with remarketing strategy. Maybe there was something I just missed.

Really appreciate it very much for your inputs.


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You need to check your analytics. Do a deep analysis and try to find out answers to following questions - 

- How people are interacting on your website once they clcik on the ads?

- From where they are leaving the website? Is it on page level, cart level or payment level?

- What are the pages which have maximum bounce rate?

Once you find the answers to above question, you'll be able to know the root cause of not having the sales. 

Also make sure your ads and landing pages are in sync. Check the pricing of your products and make sure they are not costlier than competitors. 


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