SCA (strong customer athentication)

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I receive this message from stripe

Important: Update your integration for SCA While European regulation mandates that full enforcement of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) begins on Dec 31, 2020, some banks are now declining a portion of payments that aren't SCA-ready. To make sure your payments are approved, please update your integration.


How can I integrate for SCA with stripe in shopify or what is the problem behind that Thanks.

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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is similar to what many people refer to as two-factor authentication: if a customer is buying online using their debit or credit card, SCA may require them to use two forms of authentication. As an example, instead of just entering their PIN or password, Strong Customer Authentication would prompt a customer to enter a code generated on their banking app as a second step. This makes it harder for fraudulent transactions to get through.

As specified by Stripe:

Shopify, like other third-party plugin developers, is responsible for upgrades necessary to remain compliant and can confirm this for you.Contact Shopifyfor more information.

You could contact Shopify Support under this web page with your store id:

Live chat or email:

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