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Do not buy from this guys web site - clearly a scam -


I personally wouldn't buy ANYTHING from Shopify, period!  Shopify doesn't do nearly enough to stop this cybercriminals from ripping people off (my wife purchased two items from the web site above today and just told me about it.  Without even seeing the web site, I was suspicious (a Jacuzzi like that generally costs $4k, not $140).  I had her send me the link to the web site and sure enough, immediately I could tell that she had been ripped off.  If it's too good to be true, it usually is!  But more importantly, if the web site looks shady as heck, you're being ripped off!  


Shopify allows anyone to pay $30/month to host these mostly 'pre-built' shopping web sites.  Shopify is the go to place for scammers, so shoppers beware!

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