SEO Audit on site reports 150k+ broken image links

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I've got an issue with a store owned by one of our clients.

When doing a SEO audit, it will report over 150.000 broken image links. The store was migrated from Magento a while ago and I assume some imports have failed which resulted in deleting products. There is currently no problem with products or images not loading, neither are there any broken image tags or whatsoever in the product description or theme code. I've got the feeling these deleted products left some marks considering the images but I'm not sure since I'm far from a Shopify expert yet. I would like to get rid of these broken images because it may have impact on the rankings and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The store location is

Many thanks in advance!

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Do you have an example of a url your audit said was broken? It could be a false positive from the the testing tool vs being an actual issue so always worth checking the urls.

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