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If this issue also affect you, please get in touch. 


There are hundreds of complaints in the Shopify forums dating back to 2013. The UK is still classed as one shipping zone when it's made up of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and other non-mainland islands.


It costs me £3 extra per order to ship to Northern Ireland, for some companies this would cause them to make a loss on a sale and they can't do anything about it - other than increase shipping to cover the overall cost, thus making them uncompetitive in England, Wales and Scotland.


All it literally requires are four checkboxes, you release some awesome new stuff eg. Shopify Mail but it's pointless if you can't fix this after 7 years...


This feature has been ignored for too long and affects all UK merchants.

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Hi I have come across the same problem, my store is based in Northern Ireland and it costs me more to ship to mainland UK and the Scottish Highlands.  Shopify has different zones for each county in Ireland which is not needed and they have no zones for the UK which is needed. I do not want to pay extra for an app (lowest price I have found $10 per month) just for the purpose of splitting the UK into different shipping zones as this should be part of the Shopify basic package as it is for all other countries.

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I agree, based in the UK I cannot separate the Scottish Highlands or the Isle of Wight and Ireland so lose a lot of sales or revenue due to this lack of attention to a problem that Shopify could easily fix.

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I've just discovered this tonight - What an utter joke 

N'I based thinking shopify have their act together - Clearly Not.

What a farce this - There were so many features I rated during development with shopify - Then this complete nail in the coffin.

Ireland can have separate counties but you can't have 4 UK countries - I can't believe the time and money wasted 



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Suffering the same issues as all the other users.
I want to be able to charge a different rate for orders to from England to Northern Ireland.
Lumping everything into 'UK' is ridiculous, especialy when we now have other transactional considerations to implement as Brexit loom.