SHOPIFY Deems my store risky help what do I do

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A little back story of the entire situation, I am new to shopify I never set up a  shopify store before for one reason only.

I am in an unsupported country however I was informed that if I had start an LLC in the united states get an ein number then 

I will be ok with Shopify because I will satisfy all the requirements for stripe. I sign up for stripe and everything is cool then I sign up for Shopify after hours of setting it up I decided to launch the store. Shopify deleted it I contact the support after hours of waiting and waiting they told I must wait a little more the problem has been elevated to the risk team. I finally get a reply here is a script


Cecil (Shopify)

May 2, 17:37 EDT

Hello there,

Cecil here from the Risk Operations Team at Shopify. We are writing to you in regards to your accounts, and .

This email is to inform you that after reviewing your information and website we believe your business presents a level of risk that we will be unable to support with Shopify. I know this is not ideal, however we won't be able to help with your business.

At this time since Shopify has been deemed not a good fit for your business you will need to research other e-commerce platforms to find one that will be suitable. Regrettably we are not able to make recommendations to merchants.

Please note that for security and privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the results of our reviews and investigations. Once an account has been declined the decision is final.

Thank you and I wish you all the best with your business going forward!

Kind regards,

Risk Analyst | Shopify

At this point I choose to give up because what was I doing transporting drugs selling illegal stuff what do they mean my business is too risky it's my first time on Shopify I don't have a business I have never used this platform before. And I will never be able to.

And I don't even know why my friends did the same thing there store is ok what did I do to be discriminated like this.

well I know I lied about my country only because I already set up an LLC in the united states and I have an EIN number.

I know I use a third-party phone number to sign up but they could have said what the problem was let me know what to do. they just said fck off basically. so if anyone knows why I got this message please to let me know.


Your ticket ID is 17246814.


On Apr 04 20:34 EDT, Vibrancebrand wrote:
Just checking in on my account it has been 2 days I did receive a reply thought I would do a follow up on the issue.


On Apr 04 15:02 EDT, Matt C. wrote:
Hey Andrew, :)

Matt here from the Shopify Guru Team. Thank you for chatting today!

I wanted to reach out following our conversation to let you know that I have sent this issue over to our Accounts Team on your behalf - please keep in mind that depending on the current queues and the difficulty of the matter, it may take a few days to receive a response. I will keep you updated on the matter, and should you need any help or have any updates, simply reply to this email and our Support Team will review the matter on your behalf. 

Let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with and I will be happy to help!

Have a great day,

**Matt** | Shopify Guru 
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hello, ive just had the samething happen! im devastated! I dont know how risky selling dog leads is to shopify. Im in australia and not sure if that has affected anything or that i hired someone to clean up my page that is in bangladesh????? how can they deem it risking but give no context to how its risky! they have refunded my money but what about the $800 spent developing it??? 

sorry for my rant... did you get you page back? 

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No, I switch to using woocommerce I did not even get an explanation why.
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I spent a lot of money and time, shopping blocks us without any explanation. I'm opening a store for the first time and I'm risky for them, no one knows why. The worst thing is that they block you when they take your money. A typical scam.