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Hello fellow entrepreneurs,

I wanted to warn small businesses like ourselves before you make the same mistake we did by putting our trust in the Shopify platform. Up until this point, we were big advocates for Shopify and believed it was a great way for small business owners like ourselves to grow their business in the world of E-commerce.

A little background- we are an authorized reseller of trading cards, and have been conducting our sales through Shopify. We opened our Shopify account roughly two weeks ago, and business was going extremely well thanks to our Instagram followers. We were able to do over $10,000 in our first few days of business, and we believe that our immediate success must have triggered some sort of red flag for the Shopify risk analyst team. A few days later, we realized that our payouts were put on hold, which was extremely alarming to us considering that all of our capital was going through the Shopify system, and we would be unable to repurchase inventory until the situation was resolved. We received an email from one of the risk analysts requesting documents that confirm we are in fact an authorized reseller, so we provided them with these documents. We conducted business as usual, gaining a total of $43,000 in sales assuming that since we provided the necessary documentation we would have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, we were then asked for receipts, and proof that our vendors are also authorized resellers, which we also provided. We were then told that the banking team would need to review our case, and our funds should be unlocked once the process was completed. 24 hours later, we received an email that simply stated that Shopify was no longer willing to support our business, and plans to withhold the entirety of our funds for 90 days. We were not given any justification or context for why they are crippling our business, and are not able to get in contact with anyone on the risk team without waiting 24 hours per response.

If anybody at Shopify sees this, or cares at all about their customers, the small businesses that make this platform possible, please fix this immediately so our business does not fail due to the inability to even communicate effectively with the Shopify risk team. We are a legitimate company and have provided a plethora of evidence of the authenticity of our inventory and our legitimacy as authorized resellers, there should be absolutely no reason that Shopify should be doing this to us. We put almost all the money we have into this business and can't afford to wait 3 months to recoup our investment. Most of us here are small businesses and we must let Shopify know that we will not stand for this sort of treatment. Please help us out and spread the word, we don't know what else to do at this point.


Thank you to anyone who reads or responds to this post, our entire business and our life savings are on the line.