SKU Duplication Issue

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 Just wondering about SKU's.

I assumed SKU is for original/unique codes for each item?

Ive noticed that when I did an import update, my SKUs duplicated and created the product again in my store. Which is a really annoying issue.

Firstly - why would this be an issue? Why is this not a basic function to not copy the same SKU, it should really be ignoring duplicate uniques?

Secondly - How to prevent this on each import? 

This seems to be a real flaw in the Shopify platform. If I'm paying the prices each month to use this platform, simple things like this shouldn't happen. I have original SKUs of around 1500 products, now I have double. 


SKU DuplicationSKU Duplication





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Hi There,

I wouldn't say this is a Shopify issue and I wouldn't say it's Shopify's responsibility to identify duplicate SKU's as you might want particular items with the same SKU's.

It's you, yourself who sets the SKU's and there might be cases where you want to use the same SKU's for particular products.

For Example you Might want a T-Shirt that shares the Same SKU but has different variants. E.g. s blue, red and orange T-shirt. What Shopify will do for you in this Scenario is generate your variants a Unique ID. A unique ID for the Orange Red and Blue incase you require this data in build for whatever reason.

It's not responsibility of Shopify to look after your SKU's. The SKU's are what you, yourself give a product and this should be maintained by you and your fulfilment warehouse.


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