SMS notification for the draft order invoice and the contact customer notifications


We are mostly using 4 types of e-mail notifications: order confirmation, shipping confirmation, draft order invoice, contact customer.
Instead of e-mail notifications we want to use SMS notifications.
I've noticed that two of them (order confirmation and shipping confirmation) have an SMS option, the other two do not have any sms option.
Is there any possibility to have SMS options for the draft order invoice and the contact customer notifications soon?



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Hey, there!


You can give your customers the option of entering a phone number at checkout instead of an email address. Customers who choose to enter a phone number instead of an email address receive their order confirmation and shipping updates by SMS to their mobile phone. Outside of this, it wouldn't be possible to enable SMS for other notifications and would require that they are sent via email. If you wanted to follow up below with further details on how this would benefit you and your business, then I can ensure your feature request is sent up to our products team for further consideration!



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As you know, when a shop prefers sms notification that means the shop may not have the email address of the customers..

So in that case, the shop will not have a chance to contact customer through Shopify..

In my opinion, if all the notifications have an SMS option then SMS integration will be an exact feature for Shopify..


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Hi Peter,


I also have this issue. We are operating this store in Pakistan where few people have an email address, but everyone has a cell phone. Therefore, the cell phone is the preferred mode of communication for most people, through which they can use functionalities/applications like SMS, WhatsApp and other such messaging applications to go through their day to day lives and conduct their business. Having functionality which allows us to completely bypass email addresses and instead base everything on phone number would be extremely beneficial. Currently Shopify doesn't seem to allow sending SMS order confirmation notification for orders created from draft orders. It also doesn't allow people to create an account using their phone number alone (though that's a separate discussion). It would be extremely helpful if Shopify allows us to send order confirmation SMS for draft orders.

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We have a business function that generates a Draft Invoice / Order for a customer. As frequently these days SPAM systems block draft orders, we want to notify the customer that their Draft Order is ready for validation and to check their email account.  Having an SMS notification. would be very useful.


Surely there must be an app for this?