[SOLVED] Daily login errors/issues - remove Shopify-only cookies

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Hi All,

According to support, there's an ongoing cookie bug which stops people from logging in.

Clearing cookies allows you to log in but it also logs you out of other websites which is painful (I typically have another 10-20 sites logged-in).

However, if you use Chrome, it's possible to fix your Shopify login while leaving other websites untouched:

  • Open a new window in Chrome
  • Copy/paste this address...


  • This displays all Shopify-related cookies
  • To the right of each cookie, you'll see a trashcan icon
  • Use the icon to delete every cookie in the list
  • Go back to your usual Shopify tab/window and enter to your store login URL. e.g.


  • Enter your login

This works every time for us so hopefully it helps others in the same boat.