SPOD, Europe VS United States

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Hi, I'am Dienand and starting a POD shop for WorldWide customers and I have chosen SPOD as a supplier, since they offer a lot of difference clothing.

The problem I encounter now is that SPOD says I had to have 2 different Shopify accounts, cause SPOD make a distinction between deliveries in Europe and the USA.

I found that a bit awkward since the advantages of the whole POD business is that it is per definition WorldWide. So you want one domain name/brand name.

And I can't imagine any reason why they can't direct an order from Europe or the USA, to the nearest manufacturer. (SPOD says: 

With orders going to Australia, it is recommended that they order from the US. As for other non-EU or US countries, they may order from either site successfully. )

They say I had to create two different domains! Which I found very not logical since you want to have (and I have already registered) one domain name ending on .com (and the other for instance .eu or .org or whatever.)

They suggest that if I want to sell WorldWide, I should is to make a hyperlink on one of the two domains who direct you to the other domain.

So I wonder, how other merchants deal with this or have any advice regarding this issue.

Anyway, Thanks a lot to all other Merchants for reading my post!