Sale price listing on site changed during check out

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Hi everyone,

I am new to shopify & I can encountered this baffling issue on my 3rd sale. Hoping to find an answer.

as mentioned. I made total of 3 sales so far. All the items sold are marked at the same price $85. no tax is being charged. shipping is excluded and calculated at checkout.

Here is the issue. on the 3rd sale, the customer is being charged at $86.44 instead of $85.

1st customer and 2nd customer both got charged correctly at $85.

I would like to know how this extra $1.44 comes about for the 3rd sale? I have checked the listing, and it correctly says $85. No tax.

extra information that might help?

1st sale $85 + domestic shipping via paypal

2nd sale $85 + international shipping via shopify payment

3rd sale $86.44 + international shipping, customer first tried paying with paypal but encountered error (no idea why), then successfully purchased via shopify payment. (both payment gateway were charging $86.44 instead of $85)

Is this a bug or I am missing something?

Thank you in advance.