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Hi Nick,


Another business who could really use this feature.... The fact is that a lot of us use Quick Sale to enter Open Priced items (ie when a item's price is based on weight sold, or in my own instance when we sell items where the price is set by a third party and undergoes currency conversion before it hits my till, meaning that I'm selling items that cost $9.33, $8.67 and other odd prices).


The problem is that we are using this as a workaround due to the fact that Shopify is missing "open priced items" on the POS, but using Quick Sale leaves a huge gaping hole in the reporting end of things.  To put it bluntly: I need to know where my shop is making money from in order to continue running a successful business. With no reporting options at all for Quick Sale, my monthly accounting becomes really difficult, because I have revenue coming in with no guide as to how/when/why it was generated. Furthermore, without being able to run a proper report, my staff could be ringing in items incorrectly and I would have no idea until I manually went through each transaction.  


My business is and we would like to be updated when this is addressed. 

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Hello @sassygrace @Val_Huggett @144LL @stemcell 


I'm John from Report Pundit. We are a new reporting app which helps merchants create custom reports and dashboards.


We can try to create this report. If you can install the free trial, we will give it a shot. We will let you know if this report is possible within 24 hours.


You can reach me at





Report Pundit - Instant reports and custom dashboards
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Any update on this request?  I found a way to export the Quick Sale entries - Shopify Admin / Analytics / Reports / Sales by Product (Sales section).  Once the report loads, remove the default filter of "Sale item type is product" and then add a filter of "Product ID is N/A".  This returns a list of Quick Sale entries, you can use the "Edit Columns" button to add the OrderID, Customer Name, etc to the view - but there is no easy link to the Order details - that would be helpful.

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Hi @TealTX,


Thanks for messaging and adding the feedback. There's been no update as of yet, but the feedback here is invaluable and again shows more store owners are looking for it. I have added another feature request for this topic on your behalf also. 

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