Same Product, Same SKU, Separate Listing

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I have set up a clothing store, each product and colour variant is set up as an individual product on the SHOP page i.e the same top available in orange and pink and silver is it's own product on the SHOP ALL page and is available in the individual product page to select in all colours however for the same colour and size they share the same SKU.

How do I organise the stock so that the inventory is correct? Where do I add the stock? To one of the items and because of the SKU Shopify will compute it is in stock and the same product for all of the listings? 




Hi @leeleeloo,

Have you tried the Variants feature of Shopify.

1. Go to your product and tick the Variants checkbox.

2. Add your variants

3. Click on the variant options and you can edit the prices, quantities, SKUs, barcodes, or HS codes for all the variants of a product for multiple locations. 



Hopefully this helps~~


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