Same product in multiple collections?

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Hi guys, 


I am about to lose my mind looking for the answer to this question... 

I own a boutique candy brand where I sell small plastic cubes filled with candy. My customers have the ability to purchase the individual cube on its own, or they can purchase it as part of a 6 piece box. I offer the box for free for the customer when they order them in the 6 piece set, however the boxes are obviously not free for me to purchase so I don't want to spend the time and money packaging them for the customer when they simply ordered 6 cubes on their own.  

On the website, I have two collections. "Individual cubes" and "Build Your Own Box".  If a customer orders 6 cubes from the "individual cubes" collection, how am I able to see this information on the order page?  Any help here would be amazing. 


Thank you.