Scam Site via shopify

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I and many others have been scammed by this site. Regretfully I did not find this out until after I attempted to make a purchase from this store. I have tried emailing the store via their contact link and never receive an answer from them, and they have no phone number with which to contact them. My order was placed January 28, 2020. I am very upset by this and feel Facebook and Shopify must in some way be liable for the money scammed from all these people, and until they sort it out Facebook shouldn't accept any ads from a Shopify store. Until this happens they are both facilitating scammers. I wonder how they would justify these cases in court? Because I am sure if we can collect enough people a class action lawsuit is not out of the question.


Just FYI my order was Order #69339 and was for $67.18.

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I placed an order Feb. 25th and order was never received. I paid for it  and have now registered a dispute with AMEX. i BELIEVE THIS IS A SCAM SITE AS i SEE OTHER PEOPLE ARE IN THE SAME SITUATION

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Yes I placed an order & paid for it on February 15, 2020 & never received anything.  I've tried contacting them but haven't heard anything.  I'm very interested in pursuing any relief efforts that are available.  Thanks.


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I too have been duped in to believing that this business was above board.

Placed an order back on January 8 this year (2020) and still waiting to receive my product.

Had emailed once asking when the product would be coming and advised to wait for 2 weeks for order to be placed.

Have sent a couple of emails since asking when? will it be shipped. Basically told.... soon soon and to be patient. Due to corona virus all shipping is being delayed.

Had told them that if they cannot ship, they should re-imburse my funds. No comment there. Not surprised.

Scam site? I believe so, as it is now 22/08/2020 and still nothing. Nothing at all.

Sent another email yesterday and have not received a response.

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I had purchased items from Thundershop 02/07/2020 which to date have never received. When businesses started to open up back in late May I started to email this company inquiring of the order. I used the email which was provided on my order confirmation. To date, monthly I have attempted to get a response on a status of the paid order the last being 08/19/2020. I then Google this company and found these complaints of orders not being fulfilled. I then called my CC Company to dispute the charge, I also terminated the CC # provided to this company that does not appear to be reputable and this being a possible scam. A lot of businesses have been closed From COVID-19 shut down but this company’s owner has the responsibility to respond to customers inquiries and refund non filled orders.  I will never order from any company that Facebook sponsors as from proof of Thundershop.