Search Bar mobile

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to Shopify and theme customization. I need help with the search bar and sliding categories icon. I plan to use Out of the Sandbox's Flex or Turbo, or Pixel Union's Superstore. 

Can anyone teach me how to customize the search bar in mobile become similar to the desktop version without changing the css? Below is the link of the website search bar I want to emulate, I can customize it with Flex and Superstore for the desktop version but once I change to mobile, it becomes a small icon. This is the link of the website . Attached below with red circle is the mobile version that I want to copy.


Last question, for the 2nd red circle with categories icon, what do I choose in Turbo, Flex, or Superstore to emulate something like that? the icons have corresponding links and it slides to the left or right for additional icons. You can check the website link for reference. 

Thanks to anyone who can help me do this. I tried emailing both developers but its taking them way to long to respond.